Action Message Format
for Unity3D

Connect to Flash servers from Unity3D or just use power of AMF for any Unity3D project

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Any AMF server
Communicate with any ready AMF server or setup new for your project.

Standalone, Webplayer, iOS, Android - AMF for Unity works everywhere.

The easiest
Just 4 lines of code to send the whole object with data to server.

AMF for Unity3D

Now you have opportunity to exchange data between your projects and existing servers (for Flash games and projects) easily or setup communication with new server using comfortable AMF.

AMF is very comfortable, because it allows to pass typified data and pass whole objects of custom classes as well!

  • AMF0 and AMF3 servers support
  • For Standalone, Webplayer, iOS and Android platforms
  • Tests and demo are included to package
  • Power of AMF in one small DLL
Advantages of using AMF for Unity3D

Using AMF in your project, the communication between client and server can easily be built during several hours, not several days.

You have not to prepare data for sending or parse answers form server. You can send entire object by putting it in request.

Action Message Format for Unity3D

Download from Asset Store